A wide range of our new 2018 mantels, inset fires and stoves have now been added to our online Fireplace Studio. We will be continuing to add new products and features, so be sure to keep an eye out.

The Capital Fireplace Studio allows you to create your very own fireplace designs using our online custom software. Because there are so many different components involved in the making of a fireplace, it can be difficult to envisage it in its entirety. As you browse our brochure and website, you’ll see that we try to showcase as many different designs as we possibly can, but it’s not feasible to show you every combination possible. That’s why we’ve introduced our online Fireplace Studio, giving you the tools to design and more importantly, visualise your fireplace before reaching a decision you’re 100% happy with.

It is free and easy to use so start creating your own fireplace today by clicking here.