Choosing the Right Fuel for your Stove or Fireplace

Please note choosing the right fuel for your stove or fireplace is vital to ensure a lifetime of enjoyable, trouble-free use. To burn fuel in a smoke controlled area, the law determines the fuel should be smokeless or the appliance should be approved by DEFRA. Therefore we would only recommend burning kiln dried wood or anthracite, any other fuel or objects such as household waste will produce harmful gasses subsequently reducing the performance of your appliance.

The Burning In Period

All Capital Stoves are manufactured from cast iron or steel therefore it is vital that appliances undergo a period of “burning in”, this involves small fires initially, gradually increasing in size with each firing. When purchasing a stove, please remember to adhere to the following important points; always read user instructions prior to initially using the stove, burn only anthracite or kiln dried wood as this will give you up to twice the heat output and help reduce tar build up in the flue, never burn household waste and do not overload the stove at any one time.

Capital Stove Lifetime Warranty

All Capital multi fuel and wood burning stoves are covered by a Lifetime Warranty for added peace of mind (valid for original purchases only) from date of sale. This Warranty excludes the following naturally wearing consumable items; door glass, firebricks, rope seals, baffle and grate (including riddling mechanism).

This Warranty also excludes the “warm white enamel” finish on any of our stoves. Enamel finish products are inherently susceptible to crazing and chipping in the normal wear and tear of the product life.

In addition, the following criteria must be met:

  • Sight of the data plate that should have been fitted by the approved installer.
  • Proof of installation by HETAS or other approved body, or letter from Building Control confirming that the installation was installed in accordance with the Building Regulations.
  • Proof of purchase from one of our approved suppliers.
  • Proof of annual sweeping of chimney, at which time an inspection as to the condition of the chimney should be carried out to allow for necessary maintenance to be performed.
  • The use of unauthorised fuels such as petro-cokes will also invalidate the Warranty.

Capital Fireplaces Ltd will accept no responsibility for installations which have been carried out that are not in accordance to the Building Regulations or if the conditions stated in the manufacturer’s instructions are not adhered to. Warranty applies to parts only.

Capital Fires

Recent changes in legislation have been made in an attempt to reduce emissions in the UK. Whilst the actual heat output has not changed from previous years, selected inset gas fires shown on this website are no longer suitable for primary heating purposes and should be used in conjunction with the primary heating system as decorative only with occasional use.

Our decorative hot box and convector fires are covered by a 3 Year Warranty from date of sale and our Electric Inset Fires have a 2 Year Warranty.

A gas fire is a technical piece of equipment and just like a gas boiler, needs regular servicing. Please ensure that you have your gas fire serviced reguarly by a Gas Safe engineer.

Warranty Cards:
Electric Fires
Gas Fires

Aftercare for Limestone

All our limestone products are delivered pre-sealed in order to minimise any marks created during fitting. Once installed your fitter should clean and re-seal your limestone products. Further sealing should not be necessary. The stone mantels pictured are manufactured from 100% natural material. As such the mantel you will purchase will be unique due to the inevitable variations in fossil formation, veining and colour. This is one of the great attractions of 100% pure natural products. Please be aware that small fossils and variations in the limestone are part and parcel of this wonderful natural product.

Cast Iron

All the cast iron products are delivered with a protective, oil-based coating on polished surfaces. This should be cleaned off during installation. It is recommended that a spray-type oil is applied from time to time in order to avoid surface rust appearing. Ensure that the room in which the cast iron product is being installed is thoroughly dry. For example recently plastered walls cause high levels of moisture in the atmosphere and, as a result, rust is likely to occur.

Under no circumstances should a water-based cleaner or polish be used to clean cast iron products.

When using ceramic fuel, ensure that these do not touch any of the polished surfaces as this will help to minimise the possibility of thermal discolouration. High temperature paint is used on the black and graphite products where fires will burn. This paint will eventually burn off. A proprietary, high temperature paint can be used to recoat your fireplace, such paint is available to purchase from your Capital retailer.

Clean ash away regularly as a build up beneath the fire will cause the grate to burn out quickly. The grate is a consumable part of your fire and will need replacement from time to time, depending on the frequency and burning temperature of your fires. Please note replacements are available to purchase from your nearest Capital retailer, to locate yours please visit our ‘Where to Buy‘ page.

Choosing the right fuel for your cast iron appliance is vital to ensure an enjoyable, trouble-free use. To burn solid fuel in a smoke controlled area, the law determines the appliance must be DEFRA approved or the fuel must be smokeless. Therefore we would only recommend burning very dry wood or smokeless coal.