The Stove Industry Alliance have recently launched the Ecodesign Ready Label for new stoves that are designed to reduce PM emissions by burning wood more efficiently and completely.

Solid fuel burning in homes is the largest contributor at 38% of the total PM 2.5 emissions. Burning wood produces particulate matter (PM) but the amount produced depends on how the wood is burnt. Independent research conducted by Kiwa Gastec on behalf of the SIA has shown that SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves can reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and 80% compared to an old stove.

Ecodesign Ready Stoves are extremely efficient, 4% more efficient than required under current regulations. The diagram above illustrates the improvement in efficiency compared to a stove manufactured 10 years ago, typically 65%, and an open fire with an efficiency of 30%.

The Eco design limits will come law in the UK in January 2022. Capital fireplaces is proud to launch 3 years ahead of this, its new range of A+ ERP 2022 compliant stoves which have been designed in Britain. Homeowners buying one of the capital fireplaces stoves will reduce emissions by at least 85% when compared to open fires and non-defra exempt stoves.

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Credit: SIA