We are very excited to have launched our new 2018-2019 range of brochures. We are delighted to offer a superior selection of new products, some of which include; new ECO 2022 Multi Fuel Stoves available in both Black and Warm White Enamel finishes, new Glass Hearths, new Mantels in Aegean Limestone, Carrara Marble and Corinthian Stone, new Tuscan Pebble Micromarble and new Suites with Coloured Inlays.

Pictured above is the Luxor 56″ Aegean Limestone Mantel with Honed Granite Slips, Pompeii Brick Chamber, Barrington Eco 2022 Baseline Stove and a 56″ x 15″ Honed Granite, Slabbed Hearth. This mantel is also available in Corinthian Stone and Portuguese Limestone made to order.

All our products can be viewed on our website, if you prefer a printed brochure please visit our Request Brochure page.