Micromarble Fireplace Suites from Capital Fireplaces

Our Micromarble Fireplace suites are available in Barley White, Perla and Satin Beige finishes and are shown here with Higher Efficiency Gas Fires

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Micromarble Fireplace Suites from Capital Fireplaces

Capital Fireplaces' Suites presents an extensive range of period fireplaces and contemporary fireplaces, combining supreme craftsmanship, quality materials and elegance in design.

Our desire is to provide you with a superb choice of fireplaces skillfully made with high quality materials, all fitted in your home by reputable retailers so you can enjoy the experience of buying and owning your individual fireplace.

The fires and fireplace suites within this collection represent classic fireplace designs, aimed to complement a variety of interior styles. Each design is available in one of three different stone finishes; Portuguese Limestone fireplaces or Micromarble fireplaces, all combining with high efficiency gas fires. We hope this wide choice will allow you to select your favourite fireplace design and finish.

Of particular interest are the micromarble fireplace suites. These have some exquisite detail that is rarely seen in suites of this material. This is a testament to the skill of the craftsmen who are making these fireplace products with great care and attention.

Each fireplace suite design is available in a variety of options, which we have illustrated, to demonstrate some of the many different combinations that can be achieved. A fireplace suite consists of the mantel, back panel and hearth.

Every fireplaces suite in this collection can be fitted against a flat wall without a chimney, if chosen with an electric fire, all that is required is a power point.

We have generally shown the suites with gas and electric fire options, if burning solid fuel is your preference then please select a Portuguese Limestone fireplace suite and ask for a solid fuel hearth or refer to our other collections.