Introducing our new range of High Quality, British-Made multi-fuel and balanced flue gas stoves.

The CURVATION and SIESTA gas stoves have an extremely high efficiency, testing up to 83%. Our technology gives you a superior depth and height of flame, plus our Eco-Flame feature allows the flame to alternate from the back to the front, giving a dancing depth of flame that uses 50% less gas.

Our gas stove collection has been fully tested and certified in the UK by one of the leading global independent gas testing bodies, which fully conforms to the British and European standards and is fully CE accredited. As with any gas appliance safety is of paramount importance, that is why we have built many additional features into our stoves which insures safe and reliable performance.

The CONTOUR multi-fuels are a highly effective and efficient range of stoves. All models have a fully controllable Eco-Cleanburn air management system, including primary, secondary and tertiary air inlets. This delivers a highly efficient, environmentally friendly combustion chamber system that meets the very highest standards now demanded throughout Europe as defined by the standard BS. EN-13240:2001.

The innovation behind our stoves is the reason they perform so well, giving you optimum heat output via our Eco-Cleanburn technology system while still burning cleanly and efficiently. The entire CONTOUR range has been independently tested and certified in the UK by BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association) to conform to the European standard of EN-13240:2001.

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CONTOUR Multi-Fuel Log Store

CONTOUR Multi-Fuel Pedestal

CONTOUR Multi-Fuel Midi

All Models Have Side Windows
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SIESTA Tall Balanced Flue Gas

CURVATION Tall Balanced Flue Gas

CURVATION Pedestal Balanced Flue Gas

CURVATION Midi Balanced Flue Gas